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As an active volunteer, promoter of non-profit organizations, and a local radio personality, I have worked hard to earn the trust of the citizens of Woodstock. With joining the electoral race and looking for your vote, I promise to continue to be a trusted voice for our community. I promise to deliver clear communication and transparency between City Council and you!

Allow me to introduce myself...

I have lived in Woodstock for 40+ years, attending East Oxford Public School and College Avenue Secondary School. I married my high school sweetheart Mike; we have two teenaged kids Addison & Quinten, a pup named Trey and a house bunny who I rescued from a parking lot, named Bonny (my husband will tell you she came from a store though!).

The Wismer family have been proud residents of Woodstock/Oxford County for close to 80 years. My grandparents owned a number of local businesses over the years, including Twin Elms (also known as Wismer's) here in Woodstock; my grandfather was also the one responsible for starting the Purina Tower Christmas tree back in the 1950s. My parents owned Wismer's of Woodstock for 30+ years and were a longtime staple of the Woodstock Farmer's Market (back to the days when we were in the old Market Building downtown).

I spent 8 years at Heart FM as an on-air personality, doing the morning show 5 of those years. Now I am the Resource Development Manager at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oxford County, working with an amazing team that are dedicated to supporting youth in our community!

am passionate about our community and community involvement; I have worked with an extensive list of groups, organizations, boards and committees over the years - in 2019 I was honoured to receive the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce Community Involvement Award. 

My passion and involvement, both personally and professionally have broadened my knowledge and understanding of our community and the folks who call Woodstock home. I am taking this knowledge, these experiences and passion into my campaign - with your support, I will take this to City Council to be a voice for our community - to be a voice for you!


"It's not about what it is,

It's about what it can become!" ~ Dr. Seuss


We need to advance our conversations on how we can support homelessness, mental health and addiction through education, awareness and advocacy; decrease our environmental impact through updated waste management and diversion; and acknowledge the potential for increased emergency services and community facilities to accommodate our growing population and expanding borders.


Our community is growing at a rapid pace, and everyone’s voice is integral to the continued success of our community. We need to celebrate our diverse community through education and expansion of cultural events. Let’s talk about how we can build off our rich history and build a diverse and inclusive community for today and into the future.

Conversations I want to have...


We are fortunate to have unique and extraordinary local businesses and organizations in our city!  We need to continue to support local entrepreneurs and encourage others to be a local business owner. Let’s talk about how we can reduce empty storefronts in our downtown core, and how we can support not-for-profit organizations with improved community grant policies.


We need to be proactive! Youth facing societal barriers and adversities are at a higher risk to engage in risky behaviour, crime, and develop mental health issues. We need to develop programs that will continue to support the healthy development of our youth and encourage them to grow and prosper in a safe and inclusive community. Let’s talk about how we can support local, youth-focused organizations to provide these valuable programs to our next generation.

I am ready to be a voice for our community - I'm ready to be a voice for you!
On October 24th, vote LizW For Council!

Where To Vote In Woodstock

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Visit the City of Woodstock website for more information on polling stations, accessible voting tabulators and to ensure you are on the Voter's List!



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How do your contributions work when supporting my campaign?

Your support helps put signs in the ground and flyers in the hands of voters while out knocking on doors and talking to folks in the community! It allows me to meet with voters and not only ensure they are prepared for election day,  but understand why I am running and why their vote is  important!

Every contribution makes a difference and is appreciated beyond words!

If you want to support my campaign, you can send an e-transfer through the link below, or reach out to me by email or phone to make alternative arrangements!

Electors who contribute to municipal candidate(s) and third party advertisement campaigns whether it is money, goods or services cannot contribute more than:

i) a total of $1,200 to any one candidate or third party advertisement in an election, and

ii) a total of $5,000 to two or more candidates for offices on the same council or local board, or to two or more registered third parties registered in the same municipality.

On October 24th, vote LizW For Council!

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